This conference is part of the project “Colonial Heritage – shared future” a project funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts of Baden-Württemberg within the Namibia Initiative. Further explanation.

Organizing team

Participants of the organizing team are

Uwe H. Bittlingmayer (University of Education Freiburg), Basilius Kasera (University of Namibia), Reinhart Kößler (ABI, University of Education Freiburg, Freiburg University), Stefanie Harsch (University of Education Freiburg), Hertha Pomuti (University of Namibia), Charmaine Villet (University of Namibia), and Marceline Vries (University of Namibia).

Organizing institutions

University of Education Freiburg

University of Namibia

Freiburg Postkolonial

Arnold Bergstraesser Institut (ABI)

Freiburg University

funded by Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst: Namibia Initiative

Let’s continue to work together.